Why Hire Us?

Why Hire Us?

Pre-listing preparation

Due to our volume of listings, we have relationships with many local vendors. These vendors are familiar with the type of work necessary to bring a home to market in the most cost effective way. There is no markup or other referral fee from any vendor that works with us; all savings are passed on directly to you.

We work with vendors to prepare your home.

We understand that your time is very valuable. If you desire, we will work directly with vendors to prepare your house, which includes scheduling start and end dates for the project, overseeing the work, and ensuring the work is appropriately performed. We will ensure that the improvements to your home are done beautifully, within budget, and on time.

We provide contacts to my licensed contractor and handyman.

Our licensed contractors and handymen will dedicate their time for your property. Their services include minor home improvements and pre-inspection of your property. Prior to having your home inspected, our licensed contractor will visit your home and take care of those nagging last minute items, such as replacing light bulbs, oiling squeaky hinges, checking or installing mandated smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and strapping water heaters. Our contractors’ 11-point checklist inspection will address issues before the property inspections, so simple items can be addressed before the inspector arrives.

Marketing Professional, high-end photography.

All homes are photographed by a professional photographer that specializes in residential photography. The photographers we use are far more experienced, and therefore more expensive than other options on the market. Based on my experience, the quality of the photography has a profound impact on the quality of the professional ads that we run for each home. As with all marketing, we bear the cost of the photography.

Professional quality videos.

With the popularity of social media and video distribution sites, over 93% of homebuyers include the internet in their search process. To get maximum exposure and engage potential buyers emotionally, we utilize a 3D Matterport Videos, not just the more traditional virtual tours employed by other realtors, to create videos that are more realistic and more appealing than still photos.

Online Marketing.

In addition to all of the free online marketing utilized by most agents, we also use paid Facebook and Google ads to bring even more attention to your property on our website.

Custom Website

Our Listing Approach

We believe through aggressive marketing, appropriate pricing and diligent effort I will achieve the optimal result for you.